Gain operational value

Maximize your oil and gas field asset value using production optimization services from Stelog.

All oil and gas field operators are continuously attempting to increase production and reduce costs from their assets. Production optimization of wells, facilities, and reservoirs is an ongoing activity, but sometimes help from outside is needed to get you to the next level.

In conjunction with our technical partners and our team of determined, resourceful, and dedicated personnel we deliver a comprehensive set of services, technologies, and tools to help you realize the most yield while extending the production life of the wells tapping your reservoirs. Whether you’re working onshore or offshore, our role is to closely collaborate with you on developing the best ways of getting the most from your field. And we use real-time or periodic evaluation, prevention, and management services—all incorporating a matrix of capabilities and systems to overcome challenges in fulfillment of your production goals.

In essence, we help you take steps to achieve the best outcome that will continue providing the essentials of commerce and modern civilization.

Our Capabilities:

  • Production Services
  • Well performance optimization
  • Flow assurance problems
  • Facility debottlenecking
  • Gas lift optimization
  • Production system optimization
  • Artificial lift studies
  • Reservoir optimization including water flooding
  • Asset Integrity
  • Production Valves

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We deliver highly innovative solutions that maximize the value of our client’s assets. We are committed to pursuing the highest standards of safety and excellence in all our business processes.